Great Leaders Build Great Enterprises

As we are stepping into new year , lets resolve that we will make massive money through our disciplined investment approach and innovative ways of research.

People change the game.

Do we all agree ? If not , lets understand through example :

1) Steve Jobs turned game at Apple. 

2) Warren buffet changed investment rules game at Berkshire Hathaway

3) Bill Gates at Microsoft

4) Jeff Bezos at Amazon

5) Elon Musk at Paypal and now Tesla 

I believe these are superior investment opportunities available to  all of us . So why we are searching inferior business to make quick returns and in a process loose our hard earned money .

Lets look at examples in India :

1) Aditya Puri of HDFC Bank

2) Deepak Parekh of HDFC Limited

3) Bhaskar Bhat of Titan Industries 

4) Ashwin Dani of Page Industries

5) Sanjeev Bajaj of Bajaj Finance

6) Narayan Murthy & Nandan Nilekani of Infosys Technologies.

Relaxo Footwear, Page Industries, Dr Lal Path Labs may more such examples.

At Wealthy Panda , we are in search of these great enterprises in the right industries managed by ethical management team.

Our logo is simple Believe in the best, leave the rest. Capital protection on the top most priority. Control our greed and to have a disciplined investing approach.

Happy Investing

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