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By 2025, India’s current 2.7 trillion-dollar economy will undergo a strong growth trajectory and chart out to a 5 trillion-dollar economy. Therefore, we strongly believe that is the best decade in India’s history to create wealth.

Our investment principle is ingenious. Firstly, the main focus is to protect capital by investment in promising businesses. Then we will share our experience of thorough research and business analysis and through the Indian Equity Market. We will invest in industries and companies that work in an ethical manner and have moral business values.

Our philosophy says profit is the outcome of systematic and well-structured businesses. We have improved our strategy to identify such businesses by earning the hard way. We focus on sustainable and consistent revenue growth, earnings and free cash flow of high quality.

We confirm our research by finding out whether the powerful hands of legendary investors / institutions are backing the company in question. Furthermore, we give higher weightage to companies with a proven track record.

Equity market investments typically yield high returns, particularly if invested in over longer periods of time. However, such investments are characterized by a high degree of price volatility in the short term. The volatility in our markets, particularly in the nineties, reflects noticeable shifts in the nature of the Indian economy, with the services sector gaining increasing importance.

This fundamental change in the Indian economy due to GST implementation, demonetization, attracting foreign investments due to corporate tax rate cuts and global factors has resulted in a dramatic change in the nature of our stock. In particular, markets with the services sector, including technology, have assumed graeter importance.

Nobody can predict the short-term fluctuations of the market. They are news-driven, depend on market sentiment, expectations rumor and competitive activity.  Also, they are comprised of a host of different investors. For example, algorithm trading is a key example of these short-term market fluctuations.  In addition, there are large institutions, such as fund institutions, and fund managers, as well as companies, brokers and individual investors. Despite this, over the long term, markets have the potential to do well

Wealth Model 2025? Our Advice “Believe in the best leave the Rest”. We have devised a unique wealth model for 2025 through our unique 25 years of experience in Indian equity market investment. We have selected companies run by great leaders and in the right sectors and have performed exceedingly well in thick and thin times above all have high governance levels.

Please contact us at Stanley@wealthypanda.co.uk (www.wealthypanda.co.uk) and we will be happy to discuss and share our knowledge with you to create significant wealth in the coming 3, 5 and 10 years.

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