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A unique investment style

We focus on sustainable and consistent revenue growth, Earnings and free cash flow of high quality. Our focus is to protect capital first and invest in genuine businesses.


Providing Spectacular Investment Opportunities

We have a unique way in identifying great businesses with medium to long term potential, this will result in significant creation of wealth. Our aim is to share knowledge with aspiring investors who can follow the disciplined approach of investing.

Why Choose us

Exprienced & Dedicated

  • Exprienced Team

    We have seen several bull & bear phases in Indian equity markets, the original investing experience of 25 years have taught us great lessons.  

  • Technological Investments

    We have made significant investments in the latest tools & technologies to enhance our knowledge base and track developments at global levels. 

  • Personalized Support

    We will schedule structured meetings with you to select the best candidates from the universe of our companies. This process will enrich you with deep knowledge.


What our Clients Say?

Rajesh is a passionate entrepreneur and his reading of macro and micro picture of the India and world economy is unmatched. He is a big believer in data points and bases his ideas based on thorough research. I was very impressed with his perspective of Indian equity markets when I met him in the year 2009 in London. He shared his investment ideas around Page Industries, Asian Paints and HDFC Bank. His belief was these are investments for generations and I could not believe the returns it has generated since then. He is the dynamic and highly energetic guy and his analysis is unmatched, I wish him all the luck.

Sachin D


I love his investment philosophy " Believe in the best, leave the rest ". His extreme focus on capital protection and risk management is important to me. I still remember him saying that we are in the equity markets so we will make money but the important consideration is if there is a downturn then how we will protect our capital. Capital once wiped out is difficult to make up. His another view I liked was company needs to have sufficient cash in the balance sheet and the tendency to share the wealth with the investor. He looks at track records, ethical management, his favourite picks were Relaxo footwear, Gruh Finance, and Berger Paints. I admire his positive attitude and research skills.

Deepak Guwalani

Founder, Super trust Forex 

I have been associated with Rajesh for over 15 years and have seen his passion for deep research on businesses and identifying great companies like HDFC Bank, Titan Industries, Bajaj Finance, and Gruh Finance. His strong belief in investing hard-earned money in great businesses run by honest & ethical management has paid off big time. His engineering background and passion for finance have helped him in using state of art tools to do thorough research of companies. I am confident as always he will exceed expectations.

Retassh Bhansali


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